Cranberry Township Athletic Association

Field Maintenance -

Community Park Field Coordinators
Park Coordinator Shawn Widenhofer
Field Field Coordinator
Cranberry Park Field 1 OPEN (email)
Cranberry Park Field 2 Shawn Widenhofer (email)
Cranberry Park Field 3 Dan Lemke (email)
Cranberry Park Field 4 Mike O'Reilly (email)
Cranberry Park Field 5 OPEN (email)

Graham Park Field Coordinators
Park Coordinator Jim Gaydos
Field Field Coordinator
Graham Park Field H Jeremy Torrence/Joe DeCristoforo (email)
Graham Park Field I Jim Gaydos/Larry Stelitano/Matt Baic (email)
Graham Park Field J Paul Rebovich/Shawn Firster (email)
Graham Park Field K OPEN (email)
Graham Park Field L Les Aloi (email)

CTAA Field Coordinators
Field Field Coordinator
Haine Upper OPEN (email)
Haine Lower OPEN (email)
Veterans Field Bill Clinefelter/Mike O'Reilly (email)

Job Coordinators
Job Coordinator
Field Maint Assistant OPEN (email)
Vehicle cleaning OPEN (email)
Fuel - Cranberry Park OPEN (email)
Fuel - Graham Park OPEN (email)
Building Maintenance OPEN (email)
Garage Maintenance OPEN (email)
Tool Maintenance OPEN (email)
Equipment Maintenance OPEN (email)

Cranberry Township Maintenance Manual

Cranberry Township Grounds Maintenance has created an Athletic Field Maintenance Manual to assist with field maintenance and care. In addition to care and maintenance tips it includes some basica guidelines for deciding if field conditions allow for play.

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