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Player & Coach Development

The very first use of the word "coach" in English occured in the 1500s to refer to a particular kind of carriage.... Hence the root meaning of the verb "to coach": to convey a valued person from where he or she was to where he or she wanted to be.
~ Roger D. Evered & James C. Selman in Coaching & the Art of Management

CTAA Video Library

Manager Clinic Videos (2005)

On April 17, 2005, the CTAA Player Development Committee presented a clinic for CTAA managers, coaches, & players. Presenters at the clinic were members of the Pittsburgh Pirates coaching staff & the Seneca Valley High School baseball staff. The clinic was recorded & we are making it available to you.


The CTAA has produced several player development videos for coaches, parents, and players.

Development Guide

CTAA Player Development Guide: The CTAA Player Development Committee has assembled a resource for coaches & parents. Topics covered include coaching tips, offensive & defensive drills, & age specific goals & drills.


Indoor & outdoor facilities are available to our players in the Cranberry area.

Camps and Clinics

Area Camps and Clinics are available to our players in the Cranberry area.

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