Cranberry Township Athletic Association

Information about 2020 CTAA Pony Baseball

The following message was sent to Pony players on February 5, 2020.

Hello Pony Players & Families,

I wanted to send a note to all registered players and their families to share some information regarding the upcoming Pony baseball season for CTAA. For those I have not met, my name is Mike Aluise and I am one of the Pony Baseball Coordinators for CTAA, along with Greg Parrotto. Greg will primarily be coordinating details for the 13 and 14 year old Quad County teams and I will be coordinating the details for the North Suburban League (NSL) teams, but we will be working together on most Pony baseball matters, so you can reach out to either of us with any questions.

Managers Needed: Anyone that is interested in managing either a Quad County team (13 or 14 year old) or a NSL team (Competitive or Rec) please contact Greg Parrotto @ (and copied) by the end of February. Quad and NSL Competitive Managers will be reviewed and approved during the March Board Meeting. The scheduling meetings for both leagues occurs in mid March, so it is important to have potential managers approved in advance.

Tryouts: We will provide try-outs dates for the respective teams noted below in early March, so please watch out for updates.

Pony Summary- There are three league options

Top Skill Level: Quad County Baseball League : "Quad County"
CTAA conducts workouts and evaluations (typically near the end of March) for select level players in the Association to field one 14U and one 13U “Quad County” team to participate against other Association Teams in the 4 county area in Western Pennsylvania surrounding Allegheny County. Pony players (13 and 14 years of age) may elect to be evaluated for their age top level team. If selected for a Quad County Team this will be your team for registration, you then may elect to participate at another level/league in the CTAA to further enhance your desire to play and enhance skills. Players are not required to participate on more than one team if selected for a Quad County Team. There are additional league fees (about $90) if you choose to participate on a second team. Each Quad County Team typically selects 12 to 15 players. Quad County generally plays around 16 games plus playoffs. Single games are mostly played Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning in May through the first week July. There are very few weekend games. This schedule is meant to accommodate players who may also be playing on their school Junior High baseball teams and is designed to work around main AAU type programs and Tournaments.

Advanced Skill Level: North Suburban League Competitive Level : "NSC"
If your son is selected for a Quad County Team and elects to play additional baseball at the next level then he is also placed on a NSL Competitive Team. Some boys who are on outside travel teams typically choose not to participate in this second team. Those players who were evaluated for Quad County and were not selected will need to attend a second tryout session for this NSC team. These teams are a mixture of both 13 and 14 year olds and play other communities advanced skill level teams. Each NS Competitive Team typically selects up to 16 players. Single games are typically played on Wednesdays and Sundays during the last week of April through the end of June. Playoffs are the first week of July.

Recreation Level: North Suburban League Rec. Level : "NSR"
All CTAA registered players who are not selected for or chose not to be evaluate for Quad County Level are automatically placed on the Rec. level team first. These Rec. players may then also elect to be evaluated for placement on a second team which would be the middle skill level NSL competitive league team mentioned above. Evaluation for all Rec. level players who wish to play on a second team usually occur in late March outdoors. Additional league fees will apply for any player who is selected for a second team. The Rec. level league has a mixed level of competition throughout in which the CTAA is very competitive in. Single games are typically played on Mondays and Saturdays. Playoffs are the first week of July.

Additional Information:

CTAA Pony Coordinator
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