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How can I get involved with the CTAA?

Come to meetings that are held every second Sunday of the month except July. Summer meetings, April through September, are usually held at the Lions Shelter near field #4 in Cranberry Community Park. During the winter they move indoors, usually at the Cranberry Sports Grille. Please check our calendar for meeting times, dates, and locations

What determines the age groupings for baseball and softball?

Ages for baseball are based on the PONY baseball guidelines. A players league assignment is determined by their age on April 30 of the current year and their grade in school. A player may "play up" a league based on their age provided that they are in the grade commonly associated with the next age group

In softball the Association follows the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) guidelines. These state that January 1 of the year child participates as the cutoff date for the purpose of eligibility and placement in leagues.

Age and grade cutoffs can be found on our registration page.

Do I need to provide a birth certificate?

First time players will be asked for a birth certificate. If you participated as a member of the CTAA the previous Spring (Fall Ball does not apply) then you don't need to bring it again. You do not need to have a copy to leave with the league, if you bring one it will be checked at registration and returned to you. Remember, falsification of players ages or address are grounds for expulsion from the CTAA.

I'm not a resident of Cranberry Township, is my child eligible to play in the CTAA?

Per the CTAA By-Laws any player not residing in Cranberry Township or Seven Fields is subject to board approval before being eligible to participate in the CTAA. Players are subject to approval each year.

There are no residency requirements for fall ball

My child is advanced for their age, can they play up into a higher league? If not, why?

The age guidelines set forth by the CTAA are as described above.

Children do have the opportunity to play up to an upper league as a call up. For example; if child is 10 years old they can have the opportunity to play up to the next level of league when a team from the upper league does not have enough players to field a team for any given game. This is true for any league where children are 8 years or older.

There are only 2 exceptions to this rule, both in softball. First, in fast pitch leagues, if after registration, there are not enough girls signed up in a particular age group, girls can be moved up from a lower age group in order to allow a team to be formed.

The other involves 8 year old girls moving from Farm to Junior Slow pitch. Because of the difference between the birthday cutoff for the two leagues it is possible for a girl to spend 3 years in Farm. Because this leads to a girl who is essentially 9 years old for the season, a girl can move from Farm to Junior as an 8 year old provided that she has played 2 seasons in the CTAA sponsored Farm league, participation in other associations does not qualify. The step between these two leagues is the only one where this adjustment will be made.

When does practice begin and how long is season?

Practices start for most age groups during the last week of March. The older age groups may start later since their season usually starts later than the younger age groups. Powder Puff & T-Ball usually start practices in mid April. The season for most of the age groups starts around the end of April and runs to around the third weekend of June. In house leagues will then have a playoff season with championship games played on July 4th

Where do different baseball age groups play?
  • Shetland: Graham Park, Cranberry Park
  • Pinto: Cranberry Park
  • Mustang: Cranberry Park
  • Bronco: Cranberry Park
  • Pony: Graham Park
  • Colt/Legion/Palomino: Home games at Graham Park, the rest at opposing team's field.
Where do different softball age groups play?
  • Farm Slow: Graham Park, Cranberry Park
  • Senior Slow Pitch: Graham Park, Cranberry Park
  • All other Slow Pitch: Graham Park, Cranberry Park
  • Fast Pitch: Part of North Hills League. Home games at Cranberry Park or Graham Park, rest at the opposing team's field
What is fall ball?

Fall ball is an opportunity for girls and boys ages 8 to 17 to play additional baseball and softball during the months of August, September and October. The main emphasis of fall ball is as an instructional league. Children are given the opportunity to play in the age group they will be moving to in the following spring. Some travel is involved. Signups start in June.

When do tournaments begin?

Evaluations for tournament teams begin near the start of the regular season. You will be asked to fill out a form asking if you want your child to be evaluated for all stars. Teams are picked by June 1st and practices start at that time. The all-star season usually runs from just after July 4th to end of July or beginning of August.

Why do I have to work in the concession stand?

In 2007 the CTAA membership voted to charge the membership an additional fee. That fee will be used to cover the cost of paying teen workers to comver shifts in the concession stand.

A teen must be part of a CTAA member family, and elligible to partcipate in either either the Major Softball or Pony Baseball leagues. Teens will be asked to complete an application and will be interviewed.

What is the relationship between the CTAA and Cranberry Twp?

The CTAA is an independent youth sports organization that is run strictly by volunteers. There is no connection with the township as far as the day-to-day operations of the organization. All workers and managers in the concession stand as well as individuals who work on the fields are volunteers.

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