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Worker's Agreement

  • I will be 13 years old on April 1, 2022
  • I am available to start on April 1, 2022
  • I will attend a 2-hour training session where among other things I will demonstrate my ability to accurately make change, add and subtract.
  • If I accept a work shift and subsequently cannot work, I’ll call another worker to switch then notify the Teen Coordinator (by phone) of the change. Failure to report for a scheduled-shift or to call for a replacement will be considered an unexcused absence.
  • I will arrive for work 10 minutes prior to the start of my shift
  • Normal work shifts will be either 3 or 4 hours in duration.
  • During school, there will be a maximum of two shifts during the school week
  • If work isn’t busy, I may be asked to go home early and be paid to the end of the current hour.
  • Cell phones are for emergency use only – not for any other purpose while working
  • Talking to friends while working is acceptable unless there is work to do – then work will come first
  • My employment will consist of serving customers, cleaning, stocking and performing other tasks as requested by Concession Stand Supervisors. I’ll treat them with respect and expect the same in return
  • Where there may be inclement weather, I will check for a text message and/or email from CTAA before reporting to work to see if the stand will open and my services needed.
  • I understand that if I report to work and am not needed, I may be sent home without pay. This will be a rare activity, but I realize that it may happen.
  • My name may be removed from the list of available workers for such things as not signing up for shifts, too many unexcused absences, behaving inappropriately, or poor work habits.
    • First offense – verbal warning
    • Second offense – written warning (via email)
    • Third offense – removal from the worker’s list

By signing below I agree to the conditions listed above.

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