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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Cranberry Township Athletic Association (CTAA) offers a wide variety of opportunities for local businesses and organizations to promote themselves while helping over 1500 youth softball and baseball players participate in our many programs. Funds raised by these programs go directly to helping kids play ball. This includes purchasing baseballs and softballs, helmets and other safety equipment, building and maintaining fields (16 of them) and all the equipment and supplies needed to do so, first aid supplies, and batting cage supplies, and that just scratches the surface!

Advertising in our parks is visable for 8 months out of the year. From the late March until July 4th the fields in our two parks are visited by over 1000 people per field each week. For the balance of July we host tournaments for all levels of baseball and softball that bring over 3000 visitors from outside of Cranberry to our parks. We wrap up our year with our Fall Ball program that brings players and parents from the CTAA and other area programs back into our parks.

Below you will find a wide variety of programs, one to fit the needs and budget of every company or organization in the area. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about the opportunities that the CTAA provides please contact Matt Baic

Program Options

Scoreboard Sponsor

scoreboard picture scoreboard picture

Have your business promoted on one of the scoreboards located at our parks. The larger displays are 2x14 and are available for a donation of $1000. Our smaller scoreboards support a display that is 2x9 and is available for a donation of $600.

Sign Program

Small Signs Small Signs Small Signs Small Signs

The CTAA sign program is our most popular form of sponsorship. These signs are hung on the fences in the outfields of all of our fields at Cranberry Park and Graham Park. You may choose on which field(s) you would prefer your sign(s) to be placed based on your demographic needs. These high quality, custom designed signs receive high visibility from all of our parks visitors for 8 months at a low cost donation.

The 4x6 signs are displayed one per fence section and the 3x4 signs are displayed two per section. Sponsors can select the field that they would like their sign(s) displayed on. This allows you to match your advertising needs to the demographics of the players on a field, or place them on the field where your favorite all star plays.

Sign Size Rookie Season
Sophomore Season
and Beyond
4x6 $500 $400
3x4 $250 $200

Team Sponsorships

Sponsor Plaque Sponsor Plaque

Become part of the team! Show your favorite team that you are behind them 100% by becoming a sponsor. Your business can opt to sponsor a specific team, or player, in our organization if you would like to, just let us know. In return for your $150 donation you will receive a photo plaque of their team that can be displayed at your place of business. In addition to the plaque you will receive your teams' schedule along with a few concession stand coupons. We'd love to have you come out to the park, take in a game and have a hotdog on us! The team sponsors are also given the opportunity to distribute special offers or coupons to the families on that team. Your business will also be recognized on our website and on signage located in our parks and the dugouts that your team uses.

Home Run Hitters Baseballs & Softballs

Logo Baseball Logo Baseball

Have your logo displayed on a baseball in a CTAA concession stand for the entire season! The Home Run Hitters program puts your logo on a baseball or softball and that ball is displayed in one of the concession stands at either Cranberry Park or Graham Park, where it will be seen by thousands of fans each week. At the end of the season you will receive your ball in an individual display case that you can proudly display at your place of business.

Angels in the Outfield

The CTAA believes that every child who wants to play baseball should have that opportunity and we do everything we can to make that happen. Each year we are approached by families in the area who are in a difficult situation and the cost of "playing ball" just isn't in the budget. Donations to the Angels in the Outfield program helps to cover the fees associated with playing for these families. We ask that you join as a silent partner and know that you helped someone have the kind of summer that you would like your own kids to experience.

Sponsorship Options


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